2 minutes read time 19 February 2019
Devlog #1

Hi everyone, welcome to our new “devlog” posts. These post will happen regularily (once a week is the goal). The goal of the devblog is to keep people who aren’t in the project up to date, and to give the people working on the project an overview of what was done recently. This post is going to cover a bit longer period, since it’s covering a bit more than the past 2 weeks.

New features Item grades One of the things everyone wants is in! Items now store their grades. You can give yourself full mythic gear now. Regrade is not done yet, but we have all the information we need to make it work, so it should be here soon. Crafting & professions You can now craft items in the game! Your professions will also level up with crafts & other labor consuming tasks. For now, professions do not change EXP (it is not functional), labor consumption and production time. Gathering Some work has been done on gathering. It’s still not functional, but you can farm iron nodes to consume labor & up your profession. No items yet :( Housing The very base for housing is in. It’s in the very early stages (no persistence, no doors, windows etc) however. It should be getting finished soon! Right now it’s a broken feature, but with all the work that went into it, it felt wrong not mentioning it. Mirage Island You should now be able to go on mirage! Most of it is broken, but it’s accessible, and is the first step into instances. Family Inviting others to family now does something! You can add players to families. It’s pretty useless for now, but with housing permissions, it’ll be good to have. Cash shop We found how to use the cash shop ingame. This means people will be able to use it to sell items on their servers, and make player’s life easier by having a shop always available (buying items with gold might be doable). Friends Friends were added! Not much more to say, it just works :) Portals Moving around is made easier now, you can summon portals! The feature is still a work in progress, but the basic functionality works fine.(изменено)

1.2 update We are currently in the process of updating the server & client to 1.2. This is a pretty big change, as 1.2 is the first version that was made available in NA/EU. It also is a big change gameplay wise, with the introduction of Healing Power, Focus, Resilience and Toughness. PvP will be better in this version ;) The update is going smoothly, and I expect to have the core back to the state it was in terms of functionality within the week. This means this week won’t have a lot of new features, but the following weeks will! That should be it for now, if you have any questions, hit me up.