1 minute read time 26 February 2019
Devblog #2

Hi again everyone, This week was a big focus on getting 1.2 to work. We have some pretty fun features too, but not as much as last time, because we were focused on 1.2.

1.2 update

The 1.2 update is going smoothly. We’re ready to focus on features instead of updating. ZeromusXYZ worked on a new launcher that allows us to launch Trion clients, and since we have every Trion client archived, it’ll make our job easier in the future when updating. Nikes has been focusing on packets, and with the trion clients, some parts of packets changed, so he unfortunately had to recheck them. The ETA for 1.2 was this weekend, but I think we’ll be slightly off the mark, since we didn’t expect to rework on packets. The new ETA is probably during next week ;)

New features

While light in terms of features, this new update isn’t completely empty!


The entire regrading system is in. The chances, charms, costs are all done. You can now have a regrade simulator with the sounds and animations.

Player Trading

You can now trade items between players. The feature is not fully implemented, but it’ll be completed in the near future.

Upcoming features

This week, the features that will be worked on are probably :



Trade system (tradepacks)

And others

This isn’t a completely confirmed list, as people can switch to other things, but hopefully, these areas should see some improvement.